Smart Campus based on IOT structure


Sustainability is an increasing priority issue nowadays. To become more environmentally sustainable and meet ESG goals (Environment, Social& Governance) Internet of Things (IoT) devices are commonly introduced. IoT is a system of digital devices or people to transfer data over a network without requiring human interaction. These devices collect and analyze data from buildings, schools, factories, homes, and other locations to measure, understand, and improve operational efficiency. Undoubtedly, IoT has become one of the most important technologies to help achieve ESG purposes.

IoT asset data provides insights& analytics to reduce waste, increase asset utilization, protect the world’s scarce resources, promote health for humans, and increase safe& security in the environment.

◆  Smart Collection& Analytics
Collect data by IoT devices to provide deeper information such as detecting patterns, and abnormality to predict trends and help reach asset optimization.

◆  Efficiency& Productivity
Fewer resources are required such as humans, and time but complete a wider range of tasks effectively which enhances people’s safety, health, and the enterprise’s benefit.

◆  Smart ECO
Increases asset utilization, reduces loss, and enables a circular economy by smart management of water, energy, power, waste, etc contributing to energy usage and cost saving.

i-Campus Introduction

i-Campus take use of AI monitoring and automation based on IoT technology to help fulfill smart and sustainable campuses. For example, door access control enhances safety and security and monitoring and analytics optimize energy consumption. Automation help streamlines human resources and realize cost savings in operation and maintenance. Thus, i-Campus can help to reach an intelligent campus by leveraging IoT technology to create a more efficient& sustainable education environment.

Cores of i-Campus

◆  Automation

◆ AI monitor

◆ Event Notification

Enable complicated tasks easier& more convenient by automating various tasks requiring a long time to complete.

■  Management

■  Power

■  Schedule

■  Analysis

Collect and monitor data that allows users to keep track of things by PC or mobile devices.

■  Device& Data

■  Service Condition

■  Access Control

■  Abnormality 

Feedback usual event or special threats to record or react.

■  Security Service

■  Feedback& Alert

■  Energy Saving Reminder

■  Usage Information

i-Campus Advantages

◆  Enhanced Safety and Security

By advanced security measures such as video surveillance, access control systems, emergency alert, and real-time monitoring, it enhances the safety and security of students, staff, and visitors on campus and mitigate potential risks and  ensuring a secure learning environment.

◆  Superior Operational Efficiency

Automated routine tasks, AI monitoring, and remote control enable to streamline of administrative processes and optimize resource allocation leading to superior operational efficiency. 

◆  Sustainability& Environmental Benefits

Contribute to sustainability efforts and reduce the environmental impact. For example, smart energy

management systems can optimize energy usage,

reduce waste, and lower carbon emissions. 

◆  Cost Savings

Not only cost saving in energy-consumption but also maintenance and operations which can be redirected to other educational initiatives, benefiting the institution and its stakeholders.


◆  Graphical Icon Control& e-Map

Easy control by icon button. e-Map to display the entire or area campus.

◆  Power Management
Power control& analysis of devices such as fan, charging cart, water dispenser, air

conditioner, etc. 

◆  Event Notification
Feedback daily events, emergency alerts, or abnormality notifications to proceed further analytics.

◆  AI Monitor
AI monitor increases operational efficiency and enhanced data accuracy.

◆  Situation& Schedule
Set target schedule and situation as required to control different devices once and by appointed time.

◆  Door Access
Door access control of entire or target areas to increase safety and security.

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