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Warranty Policy

• The standard warranty is 13 month period commencing the date of the shipping label on the products.

• Before you send any RMA back to repair, please complete Sinew’s RMA form.

• Please show the model number, quantity and serial number outside the carton.

• Before you send back the RMA items, please make sure they are well-packed and well-protected.

• Warranty does not cover any damages by accident, natural disaster, neglect, misuse or improper use on the equipment

• Warranty does not cover when the labels are fallen off or damaged. 

Death on Arrival (DOA)

• If the product damaged on arrival within 1 month, SINEW will bear for two-way freight charge

• SINEW will forward the replacement immediately.

Return Materials Authorization (RMA) out of warranty

• Customer will bear two-way freight and repairing charges.

• Repairing charges depends on each faulty unit. SINEW will inform the charges to customer before repairing.

Warranty Extension

• At the time of purchase, customers have the option of purchasing the extended warranty.

• The cost of the extension one more year warranty is 10% of the unit price. (2 years Warranty)

  The cost of the extension for warranty in year 3 is 15% of the unit price. (3 years Warranty)

• The price includes all parts and labor, but excludes any freight charges. Shipping cost will be the customer’s responsibility.

Custody Period

• Returned materials after being repaired will be kept for 3 months at SINEW.

• If customers don’t reclaim the returned materials within the available time, SINEW will not be responsible for the custody.