PC based Language Training System

e-PLUS Lab5

e-Plus Lab 5, with full-functional features, includes instant multimedia signal broadcasting, oral interpretation drilling, group discussion, digital paperless online exam and abundant database for self-study access, etc. It is certainly the must-have tool to acquire language enjoyable and efficiently. It is an easy, efficient and practical language training software solution.


•   e-plus lab5 synchronic broadcasting for 74 computers

•   e-Plus Lab5, software based with the powerful function and user friendly interface to improve teaching environment in language labs.

•   Powerful& Multiple Self-Study Function

-  Live monitoring:Real-time overview of entire class. Observe students performance and give instruction in time.

-  Simultaneous Interpretation:Up to 14 channels for different interpreters do demo. Students select channels to listen freely.

-  Exam:Various types of exam with smart analyzer system. Enhance learning, making effective progress & efficient result.

-  Oral recording:Powerful voice (sound) processing of pure software structure. Provide high quality language teaching & learning environment.

-  Cloud Learning:Access open materials at home or online to review or practice uploading by teachers. Decrease the learning environment limitation.


   Multimedia broadcasting:Instant broadcast multimedia signals such as PC, laptop, projector, camera, DVD, etc. up to 24 channels.

   Interactive teaching:Highly interaction with teachers and students by E-board, E-responder, Help call, Observe, etc.

   Group Learning:Topic discussion in grouping and intercom call/chat room among students.

   Oral training:Multiple oral training modes such as Forum, Bookmark, Discussion, Simultaneous Recording and so on.

   Multi-Evaluations modes:Oral, A/B paper exams, True-False, multiple choice and prompt exam analysis.

   Classroom Management:Remote-control of students PC power, keyboard and mouse, internet& program limitation, etc.

   Support Multiple Language Interfaces:up to 18 language different interfaces.

   Cloud Learning:Access open videos appointed by teacher as assignment or pre/review under self-study mode even at home.


Interactive Teaching:

•   Broadcast:Instant broadcast multimedia signals such as PC, laptop, projector, camera, DVD, etc.

•   Multi-channel Broadcast:Up to 24 audio/video channels displayed to appointed students.

•   Interpretation Training: Appoint 1~14 students for oral interpretation demonstrating to the whole class.

•   Student Demo.:Assign a student to model orally or by screen.

•   Auto-Recite:Auto-recite the imported text to learn the standard pronunciation.

•   Observation:Monitor student screens (split screens for 36) and control his keyboard / mouse when required.

•   E-Board:E-Board Increase communication and collaboration by posting links, photos, pod casts, and other digital content immediately.

•   Help Call:Call for help and seek guidance from teacher.

•   E-Responder:Realize and stimulate students’ learning via competition game.

•   E-Assignment:Hand in/out paperless assignments online.

Oral Training:

   Simultaneous Recording - Record the whole class discussion and replay under teacher's control.

   Group Discussion - Group the students to discuss orally by a certain file or topic.

   Forum - Decide different topics for students to discuss synchronically.


•   Video on Demand - Freely practice by the open courses/files.

•   Cloud Learning - Students can access the video/audio files at home uploading by teachers.

•   Self-Evaluation - Able to do self-exam and send assignment to teachers freely.

Digital Exam:

•   Oral / ABCD paper - Multiple exam mode, AB paper, oral, on-line exam.

•   Analysis - Correct exams and collect grade statistics automatically.

Classroom Management:

•   Database - Exclusive materials database per teacher.

•   Students Information - Student information management according to class.

•   Remote Control - Remote control student power on/off, screen lock, keyboard&mouse, internet access program and USB limitation.

•   Roll Call - Check students' attendance.

•   Seat allocation - Define seat allocation according to class.

Hardware Requirement

Recommended Spec. Teacher PC:

   CPU:Intel Core i5

   MEMORY:2GB or above

   HARD DISK:500GB or above

   AUDIO:16-Bit Audio Card

   LAN:100/1000 Mbps

   OS:Windows 7 / 8 / 10

Recommended Spec. of Student PC:

   CPU:Intel Core i3

   MEMORY:1GB or above

   HARD DISK:250GB or above

   AUDIO:16-Bit Audio Card

   LAN:100/1000 Mbps

   OS:Windows 7 / 8 / 10

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