Audio Matrix Processor


AM0606 is a compact 6-channel interactive digital audio processor offering a versatile range of features. This unit includes 2 Microphone inputs, 4 Line inputs, 6 Line outputs, 1 wireless microphone input, and 1 USB 2.0 A interface.
Incorporating advanced technologies such as adaptive echo cancellation (AEC), adaptive dereverberation, adaptive noise reduction, and smart mixing, AM0606 boasts an exceptional Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), delivering clear and natural sound reproduction.
In addition, AM0606 comes equipped with SINEW's compact spherical omnidirectional microphone, designed for optimal sound pickup and echo cancellation in spaces of up to 100 square meters. The unit's adaptive algorithms make it straightforward for engineers to install and configure, meeting the demands of interactive communication and audio capture within recording systems.


•  More than 5m radius pick-up sounds each mic, cover full

     classroom in 2 mics.

•  Suitable for normalized recording and playback classrooms or

     conference rooms with interactive needs.

•  Easy installation, reduced project deployment time.

•  One USB audio interface can be integrated into the computer

     as a sound card.

•  Visual control software simplifies panel operation.

•  Balanced mic inputsx2, support 48V phantom power supply,

     phoenix connector.

• Balanced line inputsx4, phoenix connector.

•  Balanced line outputsx6, phoenix connector.

•  Wireless microphone interfacex1, 3.5mm connector.

•  Monitor headphone interfacex1, 3.5mm connector.

•  USB 2.0 type A interfacex1, supports bidirectional audio data


•  RS232 serial portx1, which can be connected to the control 


•  RJ45 interfacex1, which can be connected to the

     configuration computer.

•  RESET keyx1 to restore the default factory settings.



(1)  Power switch

(2)  RESET

(3)  Reserved function key

(4)  Power indicator

(5)  Run indicator

(6)  Network indicator

(7)  MIC (1-2)

(8)  AUDIO (3-4)

(9)  AEC-REF

(10)  MIX (1-2)

(11)  AEC-OUT (3-4)

(12)  SPK (5-6)

(13)  RS232

(14)  WL-IN

(15)  Monitor

(16)  USB 2.0 type A interface

(17)  Ethernet

(18)  DC 12V


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