COMPUTEX 2018  Report

TOPIC:SAMRT Education Solutions

Marvelous 2018 computex show held from June 05 to June 9, we, SINEW TECHNOLOGY, located on Hall1 B0135, are honored& grateful to meet over 1000 visitors locally and internationally including Taiwan, Japan, Denmark, Poland, France, Australia, Dubai, Iraq, Iran, India, Myanmar, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Korea, south Africa etc. to introduce our latest smart educational solution as well as our profound experience in educational market almost for 30 years.  

Earning quite positive feedback, we start different ODM/OEM projects with our long term and new partners after the show soon.

Computer & Language Lab Solutions

The latest DBS-HD features with prompt & quality HDMI signal broadcasting, designated & group oral communication, online help call, Wi-Fi devices presentation, interactive response system, etc, to help teacher constructs an efficient and interesting learning environment.

e-plus lab5, pure language learning software, easily realize two-way audio, video and oral communication by installing software program in teachers’ and students’ PC separately. Definitely, it is a must-have tool to acquire target language skills enjoyably and be motivated.

The most attractive product undoubtedly is the interactive tablet teaching system. Functions such as audio & video broadcasting, e-board, recording, competition, files transfer, live broadcasting, e-painter are accomplished by tablets wirelessly. By integrating interactive touch Panel, facilitate the teaching with more fun and make a brand new learning environment.

MTC, a revolutionary central controller includes various functions such as signals switch, power& volume& projector control, I/O and so on. Support 4 HDMI inputs and 2 HDMI outputs up to 4K, users are able to broadcast two identical or different (optionally) HDMI signals at the same time. 
MTC fulfills the requirements of convenience, devices management, energy-saving, teaching efficiency and smart digital campus. It is definitely a significant tool in any central-controlling application.

NCS LITE an easy digital campus broadcasting system, dispatches 99 channels at the most to unlimited displays. By Web control, teacher and administrator can use the PC, laptop or any mobile devices to control the signal broadcasting to all or designated rooms anytime and everywhere in the campus. Besides, customized mode setting allows users to start or end the broadcasting by one simple click. Undoubtedly, NCS Lite is a must-have tool to be applied in medical, educational, live sport competition, any live streaming occasions, etc to make the broadcasting efficiently.

Conference Room MPS

Latest digital conference system MPS, with built-in DSP, PEQ, feedback, compressor, Hi/Lo pass, etc. 

Have programmed and stored in the processor coming out such superior system in quality sound, convenient web control, POE structure in delegate units, different conference modes and so on. With easy live streaming& recording solution and tracking camera, users can watch the live conference via YouTube, wowza, contributing to an efficient& easy conference room application.

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