Campus Broadcasting

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NCS, campus broadcasting, supports up to 16 channels to 237 displays, users can easily broadcast the designated HDMI signals to all or partial displays, classrooms or locations by using PC, laptop, even the mobile devices via web based platform. Even, it can control the power of terminal’s display remotely.

NCS is a very useful and utility solution in campus, tutoring schools, training school and so on.


  Support up to 16 inputs to 237 displays broadcasting.

  Quality HDMI signal broadcasting up to 1920x1080.

  Audio broadcasting includes MP3& Youtube sources.

  Smart broadcasting by groups, appointed terminal& schedules.

  Emergency alert by messages and photos.

  Remote control power of terminal’s display(RS232).

  Integration of live streaming& recoding sources.

  Access system by web based control platforms anytime& anywhere.


•  Support Many to Many Broadcasting
    Support HDMI signals broadcasting up 16 sources to 237 displays. Users can broadcast target signal(s) to all or partial terminals real-time or by schedules.

  Intuitive& Intelligent Scheduling
   Users can pre-edit and arrange periodic broadcasting based on daily, weekly, monthly, yearly timescales or even a specific date, time period. When times’ up,

   it will auto-play the signals accurately.

•  Terminal Remote Control
    Remote power control of displays partially or completely to reach on time broadcasting.

  Ease-to-use of WEB Control
   Web-based control minimize the restriction by time, location and devices. 

  Live Streaming& Recording Integration
   Optionally live and record the target classrooms’ HDMI signal as sources or after-class practice. Or live school’s principle’s speech by integrating live 

   streaming& recording system.

  Authorization& Log Management
   Access system by authority such as admin or general users to avoid miss-control. With log function, it will auto-record operation history of access (login,

   logout), channel broadcasting, messages broadcasting and schedules list.

  Multiple Modes of Channel& Messages Broadcasting
   Different modes of channel broadcasting including live broadcasting, circular& instant message,  scheduled broadcasting from HDMI sources such as laptop, 

   YouTube, MP3 and so on.

System Structure


Administrators broadcast the target source to all / partial / appointed classrooms:


  NCS Server
  NCS-3083H:Channel Transmitter

  NCS-600A:Media player

•  NCS-102HSW:Channel Receiver 

    Mini HD Max / HD MAX 6100:Live Streaming & Recording System

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