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Wireless Presentation System

NovoPRO is a modern wireless presentation system. It’s designed for business meetings, conference rooms and classrooms.The presenter can interact and share digital contents with attendees wirelessly via their PCs, tablets and mobile devices in time. It reaches a new level of efficient teamwork and management. Also enhance personalized learning.

Interactive Environment

ePainter / Files sharing / Voting / Quiz

Quick Projection for Demonstration

Split-screen displays up to four devices simultaneously
Participants can share, discuss with one another


  • Cable-free wireless connection
  • Master control management / Grouping
  • On-screen ePainter annotation
  • Screen capture and files sharing
  • QR-code device connection (PIN-securable)
  • Easy access to Cloud resources
  • Four split screen projection demonstration
  • Monitoring individual screen
  • Voting function
  • Support virtual whiteboard and IWB
  • Up to 64 participants
  • Support Ultra HD up to 4K

Dual Network

Through a single device by Wi-Fi
or Ethernet network

Multi platform

iOS, Android, Chromebook, Windows, Mac and full mirroring

Easy Connection via QR code

Customized QR code enabling users connect to
their Smartphones or tablets instantly


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