Meeting Presentation System

  • Daisy chain with POE structure

          One processor connects up to 100 delegates without extra power.

  • Mix-Minus Automatic Calibration

          It enables mix-minus to be calibrated automatically for each microphone and loud speaker preventing the feedback.

  • Enhanced DSP and individual setting

          Each delegate can be adjusted the DSP parameters such as PEQ, feedback compressor, Hi/Lo filter, priority management to reach the optimal sound.

  • Speech-sense activation 

          Delegates unit can be auto-activated by speech sense.

  • Remote conferencing with RAPIDO Acoustic Echo Cancellation

          Optional AEC module is available for remote conferencing and applied with Skype, QQ, What’s app, etc.

  • Conference control

          Five conference modes (FIFS/FIFO/Chairperson/Priority/Delegate Request), max. 8 microphones open, two interpreters channels and so on.

With the simple system structure but complete functions in every details, the new MPS Lite system is able to use one the processor and connect up to 100 delegate units in a redundant loop or two daisy chain via Mic-Link. The system is capable to daisy-chain with up to 64 digital ampliers via STP CAT5/6 cable and cascade with up to 31 processors via STP CAT5/6 or Fiber Optic. In addition to the simple wiring, the proprietary “Mix-minus auto calibration” function helps the first system setup easier by automatically adjusting the suitable parameters to prevent the feedback of the system for every room. Furthermore, a variety of intuitive control buttons on the front panel of the processor achieves the ''plug and play'' purpose.

To enhance the system application, it is equipped with two congurable card slots for audio I/O expansion, two AUX audio inputs for music playback, two pairs of RCA line output, one standard XLR microphone input, plus a RS485 and a RS232 connector for PTZ camera control via Pelco or Visca protocol. In addition, with the optional AEC-card (Acoustic Echo Cancellation) using the AEC algorithm installed in the processor, the Senator Lite supports VoIP function with SIP protocol for AEC web conferencing, this will eliminate the need for a very expensive AEC audio DSP hardware and the needs to be integrated and cabled correctly with a standard conference system. The processor also comes with internal memory storage and external USB interface for music playback and recording. A mini-USB port is available for connecting to the PC/Laptop for easy setup remote conferencing through Skype, QQ, WhatsApp, etc..

To control and configure the system, this can be easily done through your favorite web browser interface. The Senator Lite is not only a fully digital DSP driven system, but also achieves the highest conference capability which the NOM (Number of Open Mics) of 10 mics can be simultaneously activated, and up to two interpretation channels, plus five kinds of conference modes including FIFS, FIFO, Priority, Chairperson, Delegates Request. 


Delegate/Chairperson/Interpreter Unit

A compact delegate unit with an omnidirectional microphone & a high quality loudspeaker which delivers excellent speech intelligibility. Up to 100 units can be daisy-chained or as a redundant loop via DIN cable. It can be software-dened as either a delegate, chairman or interpreter unit. 2 mini jacks connections for headset and one 4-pin DIN connector for Votepad-AT.

Chairperson/Delegate/Voting/Interpreter Unit LCD Touch Panel/Multiple Languages

A chairperson unit with 5” programmable touch screen that allows for full system control. Functions such as the selections of the discussion mode, manage meeting & control the participants who are speaking. 2 mini jacks connections for headset and 1 Mini-USB for remote conferencing (with optional AEC-card). It can be software-dened either as a delegate, chairperson or interpreter unit.

Digital Conference DSP Processor/
Quick-Access Conference Control Buttons

An IP-based central processor comes with a 2.2” LCD panel that allows you to perform volume control, microphone conguration & view system status. 2 redundant mic ports to connect to up to 100 delegate units via DIN cables and cascade up to 64 ampliers via STP CAT5/6 or Fiber Optic and all DSP power on board for the entire system.

Mix-minus Digital Conference Amplier

It uses the latest high-eciency class-D amplier & intelligent power management with 6 x 60w channels on 8 Ω load for external speaker connections. The system is fully digital with clear sound that makes it easy to hear and be heard. It connects via a digital link using STP CAT5/6 cable to the processor. It features Mix-minus auto calibration setup.

Mini HD Max

With two HDMI inputs and 7 inches display, users can live streaming and inputs. Easy live streaming and recording devices to live play the conference to the youtube, adobe, wowza and so on.With 7 inches display& portable design, make the demonstration and recording easily and efficiently.

Advance HD Tracking camera 

HD lecturer tracking camera adopts the most state-of the art face recognition and motion tracking technology, it can precisely lock and track lecturer in the conference room without extra sensor. Easy connect and almost zero set up.


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