Gooseneck Conference


Standard conference system with 3W built-in speaker and LED indication with effective range up to 45CM.

Particular Features

   Built-in DSP processor.

   Host power supply module to delegates.

   Built-in 3W Hi-Fi Speaker.

   Stable and quality sound performance.

   Four independent channels to adjust speaker volume.

MPS-300  Conference main unit

Simple and stable conference main unit with built-in DSP audio processing module prevent howling to achieve the perfect sound.
There are 4 sets of loops. Each loop can connect up to 25 delegates and maximum up to 99 delegate microphones into one master unit.


   Built-in DSP processor for acoustic feedback prevention.

   AUTO and FIFO mode selection.

•   Integrate 3 (tracking) cameras directly by 3 in 1 out matrix (CVBS) function.

•   6 microphones can be activated at the same time under FIFO mode.

   Speaking mode, Queuing mode, Allow mode, Free Discussion mode, Limited mode under computer control(optional).

   Delegates are powered by main unit, no need for extra power under appropriate setting

   Output power supply is DC 24V, safe voltage range to stabilize the system.

Technical Parameters

  Power supply:AC 100V ~ 240V (50/60 Hz)

  Power consumption:< 120W

  Effective bandwidth:20Hz ~ 25kHz (±3dB)

  SNR:> 80dB(A)

  Dynamic range:> 90dB

  THD:less than 0.1% AT 1kHz

  Channel crosstalk:> 80dB

  Display:73 x 28 LCD

  Temperature:-20 ~ 60°C

  Size / Weight:290 x 435 x 70 (mm) / about 3.45kg

MPS-308  Master Unit / MPS-108  Delegate Unit 

Digital conference microphone with superb digital audio processing and transmission technology to reach stable& excellent sound performance.
With built-in 3W speaker and 3.5mm audio port connecting headset to allow direct speech output without amplifier suitable for small size conference room.
Easy connection and installation by hand in hand structure.


   Built-in 3W Hi-Fi speaker for conference amplification.

   Red LED indication while speaking.

•   Support multiple master microphones.

   Support tracking camera.

•   High sensitivity design, effective range up to 45CM. 

   There is a prior button of master unit to override all speaking delegate     


   Stable and easy “hand-in-hand” connection structure.

•   Equip with a 3.5mm audio port.

Technical Parameters 

•   Pick up range:0 ~ 50CM

•   Audio output:< 0dB 20CM distance, typical value is 200MV

•   Effective bandwidth:100Hz ~ 18kHz

•   SNR:≥ 80 dB

•   Power supply:DC 24V

•   Mic sensitivity:-38dB±2dB

•   Mic rod length:385mm

•   Size:119 × 157 × 52 (mm)

•   Weight:about 0.75kg


Quality amplifier is able to connect 4 speakers of 100W per channel at the most. Independent volume control for each channel.

Technical Parameters

•   Rated power:8Ω 50W*4 / 4Ω 100W*4

•   Frequency response:20Hz ~ 20kHz, +0, -1dB (8Ω 1W)

•   Harmonic distortion:< 0.1 % (less than rated power 1dB, 1kHz, 8Ω)

   Sensitivity:rated power, 0.775 Vrms

   Input impedance:20kΩ balance input

•   SNR:> 100dB

   Channel separation degree:> 60dB

   Input connector:XLR connector

   Output connector:binding post

•   Size:482 x 92 x 400 (mm) 

   Weight:about 5kg


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