Language Lab Series

Hardware & Software Solutions


Interactive Tablet Learning Software

Interactive tablet teaching software.
Teacher broadcast PC screen to students’ tablets.
Simple e-learning way by Android tablets.
Up to 60 students’ tablets in one classroom by WIFI network.


Digital Broadcast Teaching System Hardware Based

Hardware Based Digital Broadcast Teaching System.
Real-time video/audio/MIC broadcasting with high-quality performance and integrate multimedia sources.

RES Recovery System

Instant Recovery & Centralized Management

RES Recovery System provides computer maintenance, system recover functions, and centralized management feature for large number of computers. 
The administrator can do maintenance / recover / management jobs from Console to all the Client PCs through network connection, to ensure every computer can work normally.


Non-PC based Language Training System

Non- PC based Language Training System.
Acquire language skills without dedicated computers at students’ side. Strong self-study program, paperless exam and powerful exams analyzer.


Full HD Broadcasting System

Instant full HD HDMI audio & video broadcasting. 
Dual control by touch panel and Bluetooth.
Digital language training & computer lab solution

DBS Lite

Interactive Oral Training System

A simple& efficient language training solution focusing on immediate communication. Teacher can broadcast PC / laptop or auxiliary devices, DVD, camera…etc. to the project or LCD monitor to strengthen the video/image teaching. Popular worldwide interactive oral training lab system.

e-PLUS Lab5

Software Language Training System

An easy, efficient and practical software Language Training System. Multimedia signal broadcasting, oral interpretation drilling, group discussion, digital paperless online exam. Abundant database for self-study. Must-have tool to acquire language enjoyable and efficiently.


USB Headset

Specialized USB headset for language lab
and computer labs.


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