HDMI Training Lab System



DBS HD features by full HD signal broadcasting, interactive audio& video& oral communication, courses test, flexible management, which is suitable for medical college, training labs& seminars, language lab, computer lab, digital class, etc.


•   Real-time Full HD signals broadcasting

    Perfectly display real-time quality HDMI signals to clients’ monitors as group or single screen to facilitate the teaching and learning.

•   Interactive audio& video& Communication

    For both professors and students can broadcast each sources such as PC or actual operation mutually.

•   Multi-dialogue Modes

    Different oral communication ways such as Pair discussion, appointed student dialogue, the whole classroom discussion to facilitate teaching and


•   High compatibility With HDMI interface devices

    Compatible with most of medical training devices of HDMI interfaces such as HDMI camera, Ultrasonic scanner, ICU center and so on.

•   Non-PC based Exam Mode

    Support non-PC exam mode DRS (DBS Response System), power point based and interactive in-class evaluation with PC at the students sides.

•   Dual Control

    Dual controls of touch panel and mobile devices by Bluetooth way to increase the flexibility and courses contents.

Application:Surgery Operation Teaching And Learning To Medical Intern

•   DARKEN:Before actual practice, professor darken all interns’monitors to have them be concentrated.

•   BROADCAST:While practicing, professor broadcast surgery operation video to all interns’ monitors.

•   ST. DEMO:In the meantime, professors can appoint one of the intern’s operation to others.

•   GROUP DIALOG:Group dialogue can be reached under professor’s command to discuss assigned topics.

•   OBSERVE:When interns are performing the operation, professor can observe their monitors to evaluate if offering guidance.

•   JOIN:Professor is able to freely join the group to orally explain& figure out the problems for interns.

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