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 AMS Digital Signage Solution 

Impact customers, prospects and employees at the point-of-decision with digital signs and display

  • Interactive, personalized, real-time messaging at the right time, location, even individual viewer
  • Unlimited creative options/formats thanks to incredible customization features
  • Support 1080P full-HD, Flash, HTML5, whether, social media, etc.
  • Flexible scheduling by time, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly timescales.
  • Mobile WEB-based platform to easy the control and management.
Create awesome mobile-friendly websites. No coding and free.

Complete Digital Signage System

AMS is not only with user-friendly server but also with high-specification players.

By powerful Quad-Core CPU and 2D/3D GPU, it allows to connecting Full HD display precisely and smoothly. AMS also facilitates the following operation by its built-in SD card for storage.


Prompt& media-rich messages

Support various multimedia formats, flash animation, HTML5 web page, graphics, video, music, text tickers, time, date live-streaming, etc and be able to play 1080P full HD video smoothly. No need to be constrained “single” information but rich& useful messages.

Web-based Management

Adopting web-based management platform, users can access AMS by any browsers remotely, locally, and even globally. Prompt preview after edition enables to modify to optimize the advertisement contents. User’s authorization mechanism controls the database easier and with higher-security.


Personalized templates& Intelligent Scheduling

Users can freely& flexibly create customized templates remotely, locally or even globally by the supported raw materials with special effects, scrolling text, multimedia file, graphics texts and so on. Intelligent scheduling allows to upload the target contents by specific time, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly timescales.

  • Specification

          Product Compatibility - All projectors/ TV/ Monitor (with HDMI / VGA input)

          CPU - ARM Cortex A7 Quad-Core 1.2GhzMulti-channel Broadcast

          GPU - Power VR SGX544MP2

          RAM - 2GB

          Flash Memory - 8GB

          Micro SD - 16GB

  • Interface 

          Display Output - LVDS*1, HDMI*1, D-Sub*1

          Audio Output - HDMI、3.5mm stereo

          USB Input - USB*2 USB / USB Host *2

          Card Reader - Micro SD Card Slot *1

          Network - RJ45 LAN Port*1

          Antenna - 2.4G WIFI antenna

          Power Input - DC12V 2A

  • Network

          WIFI - 802.11 b/g/n

          Ethernet - RJ45 10/100M Fast Etherne

  • Others

          Resolution - Full HD 1080P

          OS - Android 4.4.X

          Video Decoder - MPEG1/2/4、AVI、WMV、MOV、MP3、WMA、MKV、FLV

          Audio Decoder - AAC、MP3、WMA

          Image browser - JPG、BMP、GIF、PNG

          Others - RTC ( Real-Time Clock ), Power on / off timer


AMS combine with Video Wall Controller

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