SINEW Weekly Insight Vol.2

What does SINEW offer to facilitate teamwork& seamless collaboration
in large meeting rooms?

Multi-speaker conferences& effective sound amplification can be hindered in large-sized conferences by a more complex environment. Now more than ever, it is important that everyone's voices and ideas are heard clearly and completely. 

How to build a perfect meeting space where everyone can be seen& heard? 

Set a professional tone for your meeting space with state-of-the-art technology to ensure seamless connectivity and hassle-free presentations which everyone can effectively deliver their message.

•  Superior audio visual& connectivity system

•  Increased productivity& workflows

•  Easy Access& Flexible use

•  Multi-platform Interoperability

I.  Get your Microphone

Wired microphones with daisy chained structure and support up to 99 delegates.

→  Gooseneck microphone (MPS)/ Modern triangle microphone (MPS PRO)

II.  Get your Live Streaming Recorder

Facilitate seamless interactions between remote& in-office employees.

Everyone able to participate easily and equally—no matter where they are.

→  4 channels with web control (HD MAX6100)/ Portable with touch screen (Mini HD MAX)

III.  Get your PTZ Camera

Smart AI auto tracking camera to track target object smoothly and precisely.

Simple installation without extra connection needed to reach video& audio capture& control.

→  AI Auto Tracking Camera (VP-HD20TNN)/ NDI Camera (VP-HD20-NDI)

IV.  Get your Camera Keyboard Controller

Easy operation and self-defined key to control cameras.

→  PTZ Camera Controller (VP-CKB)

V.  Get Media Central Controller

Control multimedia device by touch panel simply.

→  Media Central Controller (MTC PRO)

VI.  Get Wireless presentation System

Plug and show the presentation by HDMI® or USB dongle easily.

→  Wireless Video Presentation System (VPS GO)



HD MAX6100







Create a natural meeting experience that are easy to start or join by SINEW solutions.


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