4K AI Auto Tracking Camera

VP-HD12TNN-HDMI-4K, smart AI auto tracking camera, supporting up to 4K/60hz. It is with industry-leading deep-learning technology to precisely detect and track lecturer all around the classroom. Smooth tracking performance, free from interference of other moving objects. Even if the target turns around, stands still for a long time or other small gestures will not affect the tracking effect. Also auto adjust as per the height of lecturer. IP control, preview, web control and POE are supported.


IP capability

The lecturer tracking camera support IP control and preview, detecting camera also supports POE. Free configuration software is provided together with device.

Able to output switched video

Camera has built-in switching rule that can automatically switch its tracking and wide angle camera image based on lecturer’s moving in/out of lecturing area, the switched video is outputted through one video channel.

No “fish-eye” at full view lens 

The small full view lens of the tracking system addressed geometric distortion problem, it can be used as a standard image to shot lecturer area.

Precise lock and track capability

Tracking is based on both face detection and motion detection technology, which ensures smooth and precise lock & track performance even in comprehensive scenarios.



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