PTZ Camera Controller


VP-CKBD PTZ camera controller
A brilliant controller comes with easy operation and self-defined key for PTZ cameras, video conference cameras, surveillance cameras, etc.


  Support up to 256 cameras on the same network.

•  Multiple control interfaces : RS485, RS422, RS232.

•  Support PELCO-D, PELCO-P, VISCA control protocol.

•  Metal design with keyboard button.

•  Adopt Three-dimensional joystick to control the speed of the cameras.

•  Control of camera rotation, zoom, aperture, focus, and other parameters.

•  LCD display to show the control status.

•  Open code allow users to modify the control mode.

•  Auto-recovery mode for short circuit by RS422 port.

•  The longest communication distance is up to 1200M (0.5MM twisted pair).

•  Available to set separate protocols and baud rate of devices on the same RS485 port.


   Comm. Interface:RS-485、RS-422、RS-232

   Communication baud rate:


   Display:LCD Blue Screen Display


      Three-dimensional (Control: up, down, left, right, rotate)

•   Power Supply:DC12V ± 10%

•   Power Consumption:6W MAX

•   Working Temperature:-10℃ ~ 50℃

•   Storage Temperature:≤ 90% RH (No frosting)

   Dimensions(mm):320(L) x 179.3(W) x 106.4(H)

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