Medical Training

For medical training, it always requests delicate facilities to reach precise demonstration and instruction especially in surgery operation.

Medical Training exactly fulfills the requirement by full HD signal broadcasting, interactive audio& video communication, oral discussion, courses test, flexible management based on independent structure. Even, surgery operation can be watched and recorded at the same time by internet to remote students freely.  

Focusing on the quality and effectiveness of surgery teaching, it is suitable for hospitals, medical schools, medical training labs, and medical seminars at all levels.

  • Real-time Full HD signals broadcasting

          Perfectly display real-time quality HDMI signals to surgery operation to facilitate the teaching and learning.

  • Interactive audio& video& communication

          For both professors and students can broadcast each sources such as PC or actual operation mutually.

  • High compatibility with medical devices

          Compatible with most of medical training devices of HDMI interfaces such as HDMI camera, Ultrasonic scanner, ICU center and so on.

  • Distant Ward visits

          Family& friends can watch and monitor patient’s condition in different locations to avoid cross-infection and decrease worry of visitor

  • Remote learning& teaching

          With Medical Training Solution, remote experts, professors, students will not miss the live courses, discussion, and consultation based on quality internet.

  • Real-time recording 

          Record the whole process of courses or live surgery to be hospital resources which is professional and reliable.

  • Intensive care ICU remote monitoring

          By integrating ICU, it not only allows medical staff monitoring critically ill patients to receive advice or guidance in other places but also provides effective     

          technical support& monitoring. 

  • Topics live teaching

           Instructors can easily show the live courses to students’ monitors in special medical topics such as pathology reading, endoscopic surgery, deep incision

           surgery, rare disease diagnosis, etc. with limited space.

Medical Training Solution

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