Medical Teaching& Training Solution

What is efficient& effective medical training? Trainees enable to receive clear& engaged contents in real-time.

Work highly interactive with instructors to ask and figure out questions. Allow to access the courses or demonstration flexibly without time limitation& geographical barriers. As a result, learners successfully improve and enhance professional knowledge

and practical skills by the above process.

Benefits Of Medical Teaching& Training Solution

◆  Clear& Engaging Contents
Clear objectives of the medical instruction identify the specific knowledge or skills to convey. Use multimedia elements such

as videos, animations, and graphics to illustrate concepts effectively. Incorporate case studies, real-life examples, and practical demonstrations to enhance understanding.

◆  Real-Time Interaction
Real-time broadcasting medical courses, demonstration

and evaluation enables learners to actively engage with educators, allowing for prompt questions, discussions,

and feedback.

◆  Enhanced knowledge and practical skill proficiency
By observing medical procedures, surgeries, consultations medical simulations or hands-on procedures through

high-quality broadcasting by live or recorded videos,

it not only enhances learning experiences but also improves practical skill proficiency.

◆  Accessibility& Flexibility
Enables trainees to participate in medical training remotely,

overcoming geographical barriers. By recorded videos,

it allows for flexible scheduling and self-paced learning to break time limitation to access review and preview purposes.

By leveraging DBS-HD& HD MAX6100, you will definitely fulfill the above benefits and targets in medical training.

◆  DBS-HD, Interactive HDMI Broadcasting System

DBS-HD, real-time and interactive HDMI® broadcasting system enables instructors to broadcast

engaged contents or medical demonstration to students. By receiving precise audio& video instruction simultaneously, it help learners gain medical knowledge sooner and directly.

◆  DBS-HD Features

*  Full HD contents broadcasting in real-time

*  Observe learners’ operation

*  Darken mode to force concentration

*  Student demonstration to improve practical skills

*  Evaluation to realize trainees’ learning situation

◆  HD MAX6100, Live Streaming& Recording System

HD MAX 6100, live streaming& recording system up to four HDMI® inputs carries out quality training for remote users to break time limitation and geographical restriction.

◆  HD MAX6100 Features

*  Real time live streaming& recording up to 4 HDMI sources

*  Compatible with public platform such as Youtube and


*  Built-in audio mixer of 8 audio inputs

*  With customized OSD& special effect
*  Auto& scheduled uploading to FTP server

*  Dual outputs for preview/control& PGM

*  User-friendly web control& physical button operation.


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