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Conference System

Particular Features

  • Stylish and modern gooseneck-free design of microphones.
  • Pick up range is more than 80cm.
  • No need power supply of delegate units.
  • Four independent speaker channels and volume control.
  • Built-in DSP processor to promise stable and quality sound.


Conference main unit with built-in DSP audio processor to prevent howling to achieve the quality sound output. There are 4 sets of loops. Each loop connects up to 25 delegates and up to 99 delegate unit totally.


  • Built-in DSP processor to prevent acoustic feedback prevention.
  • AUTO and FIFO mode selection.
  • Integrate 3 (tracking) cameras directly by 3 in 1 out matrix (CVBS) function.
  • 6 microphones can be activated at the same time under FIFO mode.
  • Delegates are powered by main unit, no need extra power.
  • Output power supply is DC 24V, safe voltage range to stabilize the system. 
  • Optional speech modes:Speaking mode, Queuing mode, Allow mode, Free Discussion mode, 
  • Limited mode under software control.

Technical Parameters

MPS-308C  /  MPS-108C  

Stylish& modern gooseneck-free microphone design fulfills more flexible environment allocation. High sensitivity and highly directional features ensures the sound pick-up range over 80cm.


  • Gooseneck-free design create simpler communication between masters and delegates . 
  • Streamlined design and touch switch make speaking easier and faster.
  • Establish own radio channel and range without changing the sound pressure by advanced digital technology.
  • The pickup range is more than 80cm, microphone could place randomly even on the edge of table.
  • High sensitivity and precise control of effective radio range ensure great sound quality under long transmission.
  • Hidden gain knob to adjust the gain value according to the environment.
  • Capacitive sound performance and highly directional radio characteristics.
  • Compatible with any audio system (e.g. automatic mixing system, audio processor, mixer, etc.).

Technical Parameters 


Quality amplifier allows to connect 4 speakers of 100W per channel at the most based on 100W .
Independent volume control for each channel.

Technical Parameters

Optional:VPS-GO (Wireless Presentation System)

VPS GO is recommended to integrate with MPS PRO.
With VPS-GO, users can share the video from their laptop, tablet and mobile devices wirelessly. Plug and show by the dongle allows presentation without experience and complicate set up.


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