Hybrid Learning& Conference

Hybrid learning& conference become increasingly popular and play a vital role especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Allow in-person& on-line learning& discussion and simultaneously. Breaking time zone and location restriction, individuals whether in education or business purposes can communicate and collaborate in real-time.

Benefits Of Hybrid Learning and Conference

Accessibility& Flexibility

Allow individuals anytime and anywhere to participate learning or meeting. This makes education and business development more accessible& flexible to people who might not be in the sites personally.


Provide tools and technologies that enable
personalized learning or participation to access tailored contents by their needs or interest.

Economical and Sustainability

Economical in cost and have a positive influence on the environment by eliminating the need for travel, accommodation, and other resources associated with in-person events.

Enhanced Engagement

Foster participants to interact both in-person and remotely such as group discussions,
feedback, and collaboration.

How to reach effective hybrid learning and conference?

You need right tools to fulfill it. Here are the suggested devices :

◆  Mini HD MAX, Live streaming and recording system

 Mini HD MAX is an all-in-one solution with 7 inch touch screen. It is for live streaming and recording synchronically. Support inputs are HDMI devices, RTSP protocol (IP camera, H.264 decoder...) recorded files and more mini HD max. Final PGM output can select 4 of them at the most. Quick preview and switch the PGM on the screen. Enable users to watch lectures, speech, TV show, training, and meeting over the internet via YouTube, WOWZA, Adobe, U Stream, FB, etc. Auto FTP uploading allows users access to the recorded files after the events flexibly and freely.

◆  Mini HD MAX Interface And Outlook

  Mini HD MAX Features

*  Synchronic live streaming and recording up to 4 videos

*  Easy operation and carry by portable design

*  Touch-friendly graphical user interface

*  Preview window before live

*  Remote management by web control platform

*  Auto and manual switch layout

*  Real-time PGM preview

*  Multi-Platforms for live streaming

*  High compatibility with MP4 output

*  Auto and regular uploading to FTP

◆  VP-HD20TNN, Auto Tracking Camera

Smart auto tracking camera enables to track target object smoothly and precisely by detecting the face and motion both. Optional POE and NDI are supported.

◆  VP-HD20TNN Features

*  Track face and motion both

*  Precisely full or zone tracking

*  With dual physical outputs, HDMI® and 3G-SDI

*  Support video output up to 1080p/60hz

*  Optical Zoom 20X & Digital Zoom 10X

*  Support H.264, H.265 compression way

*  Allow control by RS232/RS485 and support ONVIF, Visca,

    PELCO-P, PELCO-D protocol

◆  VP-CKB, PTZ Camera Controller (Optional)

Easy operation and self-defined key make it as a brilliant controller for PTZ cameras, video conference cameras, surveillance cameras, etc.


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