HDMI Solutions

HDMI Matrix Extender

Support one to one, one to multiple and multiple to multiple extensions by IGMP switch hub.

Multi-viewer Switcher

Multi-viewer Switcher, with four HDMI in & one HDMI out with quad/dual/full screen mode and fast switch remote controller button.

HDMI Extender

One to one or one to multiple extensions up to 100M of 1920*1080p and able to extend by adding switch hub.

HDMI Splitter

4 / 8 Port

1 HDMI source to 4 or 8 HDMI displays. Resolution up to ultra HD 4K×2K@60Hz.

2x2 Video Wall Controller

One 1080P HDMI source to 4 displays up to 120m and compatible with HDMI/DVI/SDI/VGA transmitter.

HD MAX 6100

Live streaming& recording system

A live streaming& recording system applied with embedded Linux supports up to 4 channels such as HDMI devices, NDI, RTSP, Video, photo. 

Mini HD Max

Live Streaming & Recording System

Portable Live Streaming & Recording System with 7 inch touch screen and preview windows.


Smart Matrix extender reach appointed signal broadcasting by one click.


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