Live Streaming& Recorder-4 Channels

HD MAX 6100

HD max 6100, a live streaming& recording system applied with embedded Linux supports up to 4 channels such as HDMI devices, NDI, RTSP, video, photo and line in. WEB based control interface with source preview windows ensure accuracy and built-in audio mixer increase flexibility while live streaming& recording. There are physical buttons for layout switch, live, record and snap shot (bmp, jpeg) on the device. It supports independent channel and final PGM recording up to 5 files. Compatible with external control system by RS232&RS485 protocol and 3rd streaming RTMP platform such as YouTube、Wowza、Adobe(FMS)、UStream、Facebook, etc. Widely applied in most of occasions such as campus, live training, remote meeting, and live ball game etc.


•  Simultaneous Live Streaming& Recording

Lives streaming (RTSP, RTMP, TS, NDI, SRT, TS, HLS) and recording up to four channels such as HDMI (4 inputs), Line in (4 inputs), RTSP (IP camera, h.264 decoder, etc) Video (mp4/ts/mov), photos(bmp/jpeg), NDI and so on.

•  Dual outputs for Preview/Control and PGM

Two HDMI outputs to display PGM and source preview windows to ensure accuracy during live streaming& recording.

•  Support Up to 2TB external HD

Built-in 1TB HDD and able to connect external 2TB of USB 3.0 interface.

•  Built-in Audio Mixer

Independent volume adjustment of separate channel, line in and PGM. Manual audio adjustment is up to 8 inputs (HDMI*4+line in*4)

•  Support OSD & Special effect

Support up to 4 OSD layers and special effect such as logo, text including Text label, place (Location-X, Location-Y) and color (Background Color, Foreground Color).

•  Customized Layout 

Self-defined layout allow users to decide the positions, size. OSD (On-screen display) mode.

•  Physical button of layout switch, live, record& snap shot

Equip with physical buttons of live, record, snapshot and layout switch (Full, PIP, PBP, Quad-view, PGM loop) on the device directly and seamlessly.

•  Be the encoder& decoder by H.264 way

HD MAX 6100 can be encoder and decoder accordingly and output to MP4 format compatible with most of play platforms. Each file is up to 1080P.

•  Multi-Platform for live streaming

Support different live streaming platforms such as YouTube, Wowza, Adobe(FMS), UStream, Facebook, etc.

•  WEB Control

WEB based platform control interface without OS, device limitation.

•  RS232& RS485 Protocol

RS232&RS485 protocol to be compatible with outer control system.

•  Keyboard& Mouse control 

Able to connect keyboard and mouse to control directly by USB 2.0 ports.

•  Auto& Scheduled Uploading to FTP

Auto& Scheduled uploading to FTP according to user’s requirement.


Device Interface& Specification 


•   Input / Interface:HDMI x4 / HDMI Type-A

•   Resolution:640 x 480p、1280 x 720p ~ 1920 x 1080p@60fps

•   Streaming Input Protocol:

     NDI、IP Camera、RTSP Source H.264 (1080p@60fps)

•   Output / Interface:HDMI x2 / HDMI Type-A

•   Max. Resolution:
    1920x1080p@60fps/each channel (Total:Ch1 ~ Ch4+PGM)

•   Encoding format:H.264 / AVC

•   Bit rate:256K ~ 64Mbps

•   Encoding Configuration:GOP、 Baseline / Main / High Profile


•   Channel:Ch1 ~ Ch4+PGM Independent Channel& PGM Configuration

•   Type:HLS / NDI / RTMP(Publish) / RTSP / SRT / TS / TS over IP


•   Input / Interface:HDMI x4、Line in x4  /  HDMI Type-A、3.5mm

•   Output / Interface:HDMI x1、Line out x1   / HDMI Type-A、3.5mm

•   Encoding format:AAC-LC

•   Bit rate:32K ~ 384Kbps

•   Frequency:16 kHz / 44.1kHz / 48kHz(16bit)


•   USB Interface:

     USB2.0 x2 (Mouse Control)、USB3.0 x1 (External Storage device)

•   Video format:MP4、TS、MOV 

•   Photo format:BMP、JPG 

•   SATA Interface:SATA x2 Up to 2TB stroage(optional)  

•   Network Interface:1×RJ45 for 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet

•   Serial Interface:RS232 x1、RS485 x1 

•   Size(LxWxH):253 x 140 x 47 mm

•   Power:DC12V / 2A


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