Tablet Learning


Mobile devices as teaching tools are becoming more common in classrooms, FICE LAB carries out the most popular e-learning way by tablets and reach learner-centered model in which class time explores topics in greater depth and creates meaningful learning opportunities. Besides, teacher can broadcast his/her PC screen to students’ tablets. Without extra servers, teachers can manages up to 60 students’ tablets in one classroom by WIFI network. Function like remote control, lock out tablets are all very fast and synchronized. As long as with FICE LAB software, not only all students' tablet activities can be managed in the interests of learning but also empowers teachers to convey enriched learning materials and keep students on-task.

Flip teaching

Reverse traditional one way teaching, FICE LAB fulfills effective learning and efficient teaching by on-line lectures, collaborate discussion by means of tablets.

Innovative Interactivity

Motivate students in more interesting way such as video, movie, animation, focus, recording, e-painter, rewarding voting,etc. Moreover, student demonstration/control, snatch and feedback create a learner-centered model in the classrooms.

Cloud Resources

Directly connect to school cloud database or open the resources uploaded in advance. Students can access the lectures by a quick press.


Facilitating mobile learning and improving performance by using high technological tablet in various subjects and no limitation of learning grades.

•  Screen Broadcast

•  Quiz/Test & Review

•  Student Demonstration/Control

•  Cloud Resources

•  Send File

•  Rewarding Vote

•  Timer

•  Focus

•  Recording

•  Magnifier

•  Lock Screen

•  Camera

•  Class Setting

•  Snatch/Draw lots

•  Random Pick

•  PPT Presentation

•  E-Painter

•  Feedback (Score)


Hardware Spec.

•  Teacher PC:

      Intel Core i5 / Windows 7 / 8 / 10

•  Teacher Tablet:
     Dual core 2.1GHz / Android 5.0 above

•  Student Tablet:

     Dual core 2.1GHz / Android 5.0 above


   General Classroom      •   Smart Classroom      •   Group Classroom      •   Flipping Classroom

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