Digital Podium Solution-Central Controller

When it comes to digital podium, central integrator& controller is definitely the core to obtain an effective and facilitating smart podium solution. Equipped with multiple interfaces& connectors, it allows to connect required devices such as laptop, visualizer, camera, projector, microphones, etc. into one equipment only. Also, optional control such as PC power, light, e-curtain, volume can be managed only by a user-friendly& innovative touch panel& web-based platform over a meeting room, a classroom or a whole campus.

Benefits Of Digital Podium Solution-Central Controller

Simplicity& Efficiency

Allow presenters to control and execute multiple devices by a central unit to simplify the user experience, eliminating to separately use all connected devices to obtain an easy and efficient operation.

Consolidated& Resourceful Information

Via built-in connectors, it enables to acquire rich resources from PC, laptop, camera, visualizer, internet, and etc. to be a consolidated information& presentation contributing to reinforced learning experience or persuasive speech.

Interactivity& Engagement 

Without toggling between switches of different devices, presenters can focus on communicating with audiences or learners and have them more concentrated and engaged on the given information.

Flexibility& Accessibility

Enable administrator to flexibly manage the controllers and execute predefined schedule to play target source over the whole campus or single site by web-based platform without time and location limitation.

MTC PRO - Revolutionary Central Controller

MTC PRO, a revolutionary central controller includes HDMI® signals switch, e-curtain, projector, light control, built-in amplifier, etc. It supports up to 4 HDMI® inputs to matrix HDMI® outputs up to 4Kx2K@60HZ. Customized mode allows users to fulfill one touch start or end the multi-devices’ power on& off. Independent volume control of microphone, line in and record out to reach user-friendly environment. MTC PRO is definitely the right tool to integrate digital podium and realize the benefits in schools, learning institutions, corporations, auditoriums, board rooms, and training rooms and so on.

◆  Mode Control:

MTC PRO Touch Panel

(1) Output Selection
(2) Power on& off Projector or TV (Mute on/off)
(3) HDMI® 1 - 4 Source
(4) Customized Mode 
(5) PC Power on& off
(6) Unlock Panel
(7) Volume Control
(8) Turn on& off Gooseneck Mic.


◆  Power (DC 12V) x1

◆  HDMI® Input x4

◆  HDMI® Output x2

◆  Microphone Input (6.3mm) x2

◆  RJ11 x1

◆  Built-in Amplifier x1

◆  I/O IN x2

◆  I/O* OUT x2

◆  IR (TX+RX) x1

◆  RS232 x1

◆  (VGA + Audio) x1

◆  Volume Tuner x4

◆  USB x1

◆  LAN Port x2

◆  AC Power IN (100~250V/10A) x1

◆  AC Power OUT (100~250V/10A) x1

◆  Line In x1

◆  Line Out x1

◆  Record Out x1

◆  Panel Size(cm):16 x 14 x 2.1

◆  Console Size(cm):38 x 12.5 x 5.5


◆  Central control of media devices such as PC, camera, media player, etc. by touch panel.

◆  User customized mode to obtain one button management.

◆  Multiple audio inputs& outputs from microphone, PC, media player, etc.

◆  Independent volume control of line in, microphone, record out.

◆  Compatible with environment control by IR, RS232, RS485& I/O interfaces.

◆  HDMI® matrix outputs up to ultra HD 4Kx2K.

◆  Auto-lock of touch panel to avoid miss operation and reduce devices’ damage.

◆  Remote management by web-based platform.


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