Case Study

•  Project:OUARGLA University
•  Country:Algeria
•  Model:DBS Plus (Interactive Broadcasting System)
     Real-time video / audio / MIC interactive broadcasting and
     dialogue with high-quality performance. Integrate multimedia
     devices and switch the source by control panel easily. 

•  Project:Taoyuan Shou Shan Senior High School
•  Country:Taiwan
•  Model:MPS PRO (Array Conference-Gooseneck Free)  
     Array conference gooseneck-free design of microphones
     with pick up range more than 80cm. 

Project:Banqiao District Office, New Taipei City
Model:MPS (Gooseneck Conference)
    Standard conference system with 3W built-in speaker and
    LED indication with effective range up to 45CM. 

•  Project:Minth University of Science & Technology
•  Country:Taiwan
•  Model:Mini HD MAX (Portable Live Streaming &
     Recording with 7" touch panel)
     An all-in-one solution with 7 inch touch screen for live
     streaming& recording synchronically. Support inputs are
     HDMI devices, RTSP protocol (IP camera, H.264 decoder...)
     recorded files and more Mini HD MAX. 

•  Project:University of Anbar, Iraq
•  Country:Iraq
•  Model:e plus lab5 (Language Training Software)
     Software based with the powerful function and user friendly
     interface / Multimedia broadcasting / Interactive teaching /
     Group Learning / Oral training / Multi-Evaluations modes /
     Classroom Management / Multiple Language Interfaces. 

•  Project:Taoyuan Municipal Shou Shan Senior High School
•  Country:Taiwan
•  Model:New Campus (Campus Broadcasting)
     For 16 inputs to 237 classrooms independently or by groups           by full-functional web-based server control such as YouTube, 
     mp3, camera, PC, etc.